Being a student-athlete has many benefits, both for the present and the future

Athletic Facilities

In the United States, you will have a full-time coach. They coach the team, arrange trips, plan games, recruit, analyze games and practices, and much more. Apart from these full-time coaches, many others are looking after you. A trainer/physiotherapist will be making sure that you are ready for practice and help you recover, for example with ice baths. You will also have access to a fitness area where you will work-out with your team, with the trainer, or on your own.


When you will go to your university, you will either live in an apartment in the area or on campus. When you live on campus, you will live literally at your university. Most universities offer meal plans that will provide you with daily meals. This way you can wake up in your dorm, get your meal, go to practice, and go back home, all without leaving your university!

If you live in an apartment, you will live near to your university. Sometimes universities provide these apartments and pay for your rent!

Explore the United States

The United States is great for traveling. When you play for a college sports team, you will get free trips! Most away games are hours away and this gives you a chance to explore different places and stay in nice hotels with your team. Some universities even fly to their away games.

Because you already stay in the United States, it’s easy to take domestic flights and explore different areas yourself! The US has many climates: there are beautiful snowy mountains, deserts, big and small cities, and the best beaches. Road trips are a great way to explore this versatile country.


On top of the benefits we’ve already discussed, you have the chance to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree. An American degree is something unique to have on your resume. This degree will get you noticed and stand out from other applicants in your post-college life. It proves that you take on opportunities and challenges. If English is not your first language, you will also return home speaking English fluently.


For regular students without scholarships, going to college in the United States is pricey. The average total price for a degree $153,320 for a public 4-year institution and $199,500 for a private 4-year institution for international students. Luckily, talented athletes have the opportunity to represent their university and get rewarded by getting their school paid for!

Life Changing Experience

Taking on an adventure like this will make you grow as a person. You will be tested and challenged which will prepare you for your post-college career. This adventure is only a plane ride away!

With the help of social media, you will stay connected with home, but this experience will help you grow and become independent. It allows you to live in a different part of the world and will teach you how to integrate. Eventually, you will leave this place with an international network. This opportunity gives you a story everyone will be interested in!

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