Joost Verhoeven

Fall 2022 | Soccer | Incoming Freshman
19 (16-10-2003)
6'3" (191 cm)
Right-Back, Center-Back, Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder
fall 2022

Athletic career

When growing up, Joost player for the local club Zeelandia in Middelburg. After playing there he changed clubs at the age of 16 to become part of the best club team in the area and joined VV Kloetinge. Here he has the opportunity to develop as a player. 

His career highlights were playing in major tournaments in the area, the VOC tournament in Rotterdam was his top moment. 

His goals in America are to become a valuable team player and to continue developing his technical abilities. He also aims to perform during games and entertain the fans. 


Coaches can expect Joost to be an enthusiastic and social team player. He is persistent, has developed stamina, and is determined to grow. 

Preferred foot
Right-Back, Center-Back, Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder

Academic career

After five years at a very high academic level in the Netherlands Joost decided to take a step down to be able to focus on sport besides his academics. Joost is very excited for the American college system as it allows students to combine high-level sports with high academic standards. 

Joost is excellent in classes with exact data (math, science, and physics). But is also interested and developed in research where realistic problems from the world of business from the area get presented and require a solution. 

Joost has competed in the First Lego League and won the final of his area, this granted him a spot in the Benelux finals (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg). 



High school
SSG Nehalennia
Academic status
Incoming Freshman