Janne van Brummelen

Fall 2023 | Soccer | Sophomore
19 (06-09-2003)
5'7" (171 cm)
Center-Back, Defensive Midfielder
fall 2023

Athletic career

Janne has been playing as a centerback at the highest levels of the Netherlands throughout her whole career. With her passing, coaching and cleverness she plays a vital role in the build up of her team. Janne is two footed and plays primarily as the left center back. While being a clever player, she is not afraid to do the dirty work. She is always communicating with her teammates and is a natural leader.


Her goals are to get international experience in the US and make it as a professional soccer player after college. She is very keen on succeeding in the US and is very excited about the college soccer opportunity the US college world has to offer. She is aiming to develop physically.


Outside of the pitch Janne is very social, she likes to chat with her teammates and is a fan of social acitivities. 


Janne is currently in her fourth seasons at Dutch professional club Sparta Rotterdam. With the U23 team they are currently fourth in the league right below Ajax, PSV and ADO den Haag.


Before playing for Sparta, Janne played for DIA. During her four years at DIA she was the teamcaptain and they were on the best Dutch girl's academies of the Netherlands. With this team they played at big tournaments all over Europe. On these tournaments, Janne and DIA beat the girls of Paris Saint Germain and lost on pk's to FC Barcelona. 



- Promotion with 1st Team Sparta Rotterdam in 2019/2020

- 4th place international tournament in Madrid (7W, 1L)

- League Champions Euroleague 2017 (Best teams Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands)

- 2nd captain at Sparta Rotterdam



Preferred foot
Center-Back, Defensive Midfielder

Academic career

Janne will be transferring from her current college in the Netherlands. She has been majoring in PE but is undecided on her major after transferring. She subject that fit her the best are languages and math. She is a good planner and a disciplined student.


If someone else has to describe Janne, the first thing that mostly pops up is perseverence. Both on and off the pitch Janne has a drive that makes her stand out from others. She has a good ear which makes her a pleasent conversation partner.  


High school
Newman College
Fontys Sporthogeschool
Academic status